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These are the final two Gopher State Challenge workouts (part 4 and part 4a) – the instructions are detailed so please ask the coach to clarify if you have any questions!

4: Metcon (Time)

For Time:

80 Alternating DB Snatches (50/35) – every minute (starting at 0:00) do 8 box jump overs (24/20).

*Scaled is (35/20) and box step overs

When you finish the DB Snatches, RECORD YOUR TIME, rest the remainder of that minute and then one additional minute before starting part 4a

For example: if you finish at 6:36, you will start part 4a at 8:00.

If you finish at 8:01, you will start part 4a at the 10 minute mark

20:00 Time Cap (for both parts together)
Score is time – not including the rest

4a: Metcon (Time)

20 Bar Muscle Ups for Time – Every minute (starting when your rest minute is over) do 8 wall balls (20/14)

*Scaled is 40 jumping Chest to Bar pull-ups and WB at (14/10)

20:00 time cap includes part 4 and the rest time
You must be able to complete at least one BMU to go RX on either part of this workout!!

Score for part 4a is the total time (including rest) from when you started the workout

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