Tuesday 7.23.19

CrossFit Southpaw – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

40/30 cal row/bike/ski

40 Toes To Bar (eye level will also be considered “RX”)

40 Pushups (can sub HSPU if desired)

40 Jumping squats

40 Situps

800m Run

Everyone must be out of the gym on the run by the 20:00 mark. Athletes can start in waves if there are not enough machines.

RX+ is TTB, HSPU, and 50 reps of each movement (35 cals for women).
Doing a long chipper like this helps build mental toughness. It also helps you learn how to pace and breakup movements into manageable sets with short rest. Movements must be performed sequentially. Scale to a movement standard you can do competently but that is moderately challenging.

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