Tuesday 6.4.19

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WODD: Dirty Thirteen (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

For Time:

13 Burpees


11 Burpees


10 Burpees


…etc until 1 burpee and 13 TTB

13:00 Time Cap
For scaling: get toes to a consistent height while maintaining kip

Focus on maintaining consistent pace, doing smart sets that allow you to move through TTB methodically!

POST: Metcon (Time)

400m Farmer’s Carry with Partner (RX is 32/24)

One partner starts and carries the KB as far as they can go then they must run back to the start line and tag partner 2 who must run to the KB and repeat the process until you have gone 200m out and back.

10:00 Time Cap

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