Tuesday 3.23.20

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Yesterday’s workout was moderate and fast – pedal to the metal the whole time. Today’s workout is a little bit more like a game of chess. A game of chess that involves heavy weights, heavy breathing, and a lot of numbers.

One thing to consider, before you even start the workout, is the number of transitions you have. 35 to be precise. How you set up your equipment and cycle through the movements could make the difference of 1-2 minutes at the end of your workout – in transition time alone.

The DB V-ups weren’t actually as hard as I anticipated, but if you are unsure of the movement start with the basic building blocks (the v-up) and build from there. Figure out how you can support the weight so that you can safely control it overhead. Practice a few reps. Keep yourself honest with them and have fun learning a newer movement!

Keep this workout under 15 minutes. You should be able to move quickly from one movement to the next.


  • Deadlifts – these shouldn’t be heavy, but make sure you are keeping good positioning and that the DB/KB is coming down in between your feet every time.
  • Pushups – either modify the reps down a little bit OR use a couch, counter, or chair.
  • V-Ups – Leave the DB on the side if it is too challenging to do with it! If V-Ups are out, do leglifts
  • Goblet Squats – Modify with airsquats if the weight is limiting!

Video Demo:

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