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This is the second workout of the Gopher State challenge. This is considered one workout, but has two scored components. The first score is the combined weight of the two bear complexes and the second score is the TTB/HPC WOD that is sandwiched in the middle.

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2a: Metcon (Weight)

0:00-5:00 – Establish a 7-rep max Bear Complex. Bar must touch the ground but cannot stop on the ground in between sets.

5:00-10:00: Part “2” below

10:00-15:00: 5 rep max Bear Complex. Same rules.

Score it total weight from both maxes
Bear Complex: power clean + front squat, shoulder-to-overhead + back squat + behind the neck shoulder-to-overhead (if you are comfortable with the bear complex you can do squat clean + thruster + backsquat + thruster)

This probably looks confusing – the coach will go over it with you in class!

If you do Gopher State Workout “2” Scaled, you must enter your weight as “scaled” on the Gopher State Website

2: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Workout Part “B” (Completed in the same 15:00 window as Part 2a)


3 Hang Power Cleans


*Every round, both movements increase by 3 reps. Round 2 = 6 of each movement, Round 3= 9 of each, etc.

Rx: 135/95 (must do at least 3 TTB)

Scaled: 95/65 and hanging knee raises
This 5-minute AMRAP will be done inbetween the 7-Rep max bear complex and the 5-Rep max bear complex. All of it will be done in one 15 minute interval. It will be less complicated in class!

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