Thursday 6.13.19

CrossFit Southpaw – CrossFit

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PRE: Metcon (Time)

Accumulate 2:00 in one of these positions (ranked in order of difficulty)

1) L-Sit on Rings

2) L-Hang from Pullup Bar

3) Knee Tuck on Rings

4) Knee Tuck from Pullup Bar

5) Plank Position
Have a running clock and measure how long it takes you to complete 2:00 total in whatever position you choose. Maintain integrity of the position!

WOD: Metcon (Time)

WOD – With a partner

Row 5000m/4000m

One person does 15 ab mat situps (or 10 GHD) and runs 200m while the other partner rows. When the partner who is running gets back to the rower, switch and the other person takes off. Clock stops when you hit the required distance.

Time Cap: 24:00

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