Southpaw Spotlight: Paul

Paul's story started out the way many of ours do. He was looking for something more: something to fill a void and break up the monotony and routine. To see what he found and much more, check out the video below!🔹"Give it a shot. That's how we all start. We all step in the doors to say "I wonder what this is like?" Or "I've heard about this." Literally every person at the gym stepped in because they were curious... And they're all still here." 🔹What is your story going to be?

Posted by CrossFit Southpaw on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

"Best Gym in the Twin Cities"


Great facility with tons of natural light and new equipment. Fantastic, caring, knowledgeable coaches & a strong community. Drop-in, stop in, or join: Southpaw is the best gym in the Twin Cities area!

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