Sunday 7.21.19

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Weekly Mindset

“Find pleasure enough in what is present today. Don’t get distracted by the outcome you crave or fear. Don’t demand repayment for the struggle because the struggle is where the true rewards live. The weight is supposed to be heavy; that’s where strength comes from. Your lungs are supposed to burn; that’s where speed and energy come from. Cherish these things while you can, while it is still in your control”

If this is your rest day, or just the beginning of a new week, take a few minutes to think or journal about the meaning of this quote. How does it relate to your life? What lessons can you draw from it? What do you think it means?

I am going to start a post in the Southpaw Squad on Facebook asking people to share their thoughts – there are no right or wrong answers. Please feel free to share yours!

WOD: Metcon (Weight)


Min 1 – 3 Power Clean Singles

Min 2 – 20 hollow rocks

Min 3 – 3 Ring MU or 3 Eccentric Pull-ups (:03 down)

Min 4 – 12/8 calorie row (moderate pace for :40)

Min 5 – hold bottom of a squat (mobility)
– Power Cleans should be heavy (80-85% of 1RM) but you should be able to maintain form and never feel like you are going to miss

-Scale any of the reps up/down depending on how you are feeling/what you are working on

-Score is weight of the Power Clean

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