Saturday 7.13.19

CrossFit Southpaw – CrossFit

EXP: Metcon (Weight)

Alternating EMOM 10

Min 1: 6-8 Ring or Box Dips

Min 2: 8-10 reps Bent over Barbell Row

Score is weight used in BB Row

WOD: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Start with 15 reps of each movement, each round add 2 reps (Round 2 = 17 reps, Round 3 = 19 reps, etc)

-Wall Balls

-Russian KB Swings


– Calories (Row/Bike/Ski)
If you are comfortable, choose a heavier KB than you would usually use for American KBS.

Score is number of completed rounds + number of reps into last round

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