Saturday 5.25.19

CrossFit Southpaw – CrossFit

Olympic lifting class starting TOMORROW at 12:00pm! It will be a great way to focus on technique, rest your body from high intensity before Murph, and be with an awesome group of lifters – all people from all levels are welcome!

Murph event on MONDAY! Doors open at 9am and we will be running heats every 45 minutes

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EXP: Back Rack Lunge (4×8 – Building (6 on each leg))

Record heaviest successful set.

Lunge forward – in place

WOD: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

14:00 AMRAP With a Partner:

400m Farmers Carry buy in


60 Wall Balls

50 WB Partner Situps

40 Lunges with WB Overhead
Pick your own weights and breakup the reps as needed

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