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Southpaw: Origins

This brief passage, written by Southpaw Founder, Nicholas Bock, helps describe the foundational beliefs and current practices of CrossFit Southpaw.

Before CrossFit Southpaw was even an idea, I found myself wrestling with the quintessential issues of human identity. I tried to “keep it together” on the outside; but internally, I felt insecure, ashamed of my body, alone, overwhelmed by responsibility, and generally misunderstood.

Though I wanted to be a leader and a role model, the “quick fixes” and “shortcuts” that society seemed to offer me at every turn didn’t work for me. As I looked around, it seemed like everyone else had their lives on track – which I simultaneously admired and resented.

I was broken and I needed help.


The Southpaw Paradox

And then I found CrossFit. When I nervously walked in the doors for the first time, I found an encouraging group people who were happy to see me. I found coaches who helped me learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I found a place where I felt accepted.


In that atmosphere, something special happened: I began to enjoy working out. I found the discipline and mentality that I developed pushing through a challenging workout helped improve other areas of my life. My self-destructive tendencies and unhealthy habits gave way to growth and strength. I was empowered and driven.


As the immersion process continued, I became a CrossFit Coach. For the next six years, I worked with hundreds of people who came into the gym scared and intimidated but committed to transforming their life. I watched them flourish into individuals who radiated confidence from a positive self-image and become proud of their physical capacity and mental clarity.


However, I noticed a problem. The problem wasn’t with the members. It was with the business and professional practices becoming common in gyms. The once sacred title of “coach” was being handed out to people who simply wanted to pass time to earn a paycheck. The business applications of transparency and communication had been corrupted by snide social media posts, deceptive practices, inconsistent messages, and a lazy work ethic. People like you, who I got into this industry to help, were being taken for granted.


The Southpaw Way

In May of 2019, I opened the doors to CrossFit Southpaw. The term “Southpaw” means someone who is unorthodox – who breaks from the norm: and that is exactly why CrossFit Southpaw exists. We are here to shake things up: to inject professionalism, enthusiasm, and the human touch back into an apathetic fitness marketplace.

The staff at CrossFit Southpaw is comprised of an incredible group of individuals who eat, sleep, and breathe human performance. Our mission is to help guide you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. We deliver engaging and effective daily workouts that are individually tailored to help you leave feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ready to take on your life.

We are here because we believe that physical fitness is a powerful vehicle to help you maximize the development of your mind, body, and spirit. We are here because we want to give you the same gift that has been given to us: the gift of a longer, healthier, and more robust life.


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