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PRE: Thruster (Technical 1RM)

Taken from the rack.

The goal is to get a weight on the bar that is significantly higher than what we are using in the workout: we are not finding an “absolute” 1RM. Stop adding weight if/when form starts to break down.

**This section is NOT part of the gopher state challenge. The goal here is to overload your muscles so that when you strip the weight down to the weight for the WOD it will feel light.

WOD: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Gopher State Challenge WOD #1:

9 minute AMRAP

7 Thrusters

35 Double Unders

Rx: (115/80)

Scaled: (75/55) and 70 single unders instead of DU
First workout of the Gopher State Challenge! Score is the total number of reps. Judging is based on the honor system. Have fun and work hard!

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