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PRE: Metcon (Distance)

Handstand Walk Practice/Play

Record max unbroken HSW (in feet)
Work on HS Holds, HS Walk progressions, building shoulder strength, Kipping HSPU, etc. Every level can do something!

Use a tape measure and/or matting to record distance of your furthest unbroken attempt

WOD: Metcon (No Measure)


Min 1) 3-8 HSPU (Strict if possible)

Min 2) 15-20 Situps or GHD Situps

Min 3) 5 Eccentric DL: fast up, 3 seconds on the way down

Min 4) 10 Russian Twists (use plate or wall ball. Over and back = 1)

Min 5) Rest
This EMOM is meant to build skill, strength, and stability. There is no “score” because I want you to focus on mechanics. Choose rep schemes/weights that challenge you but allow you to move well.

-HSPU: use abmats if needed but work on your kip

– DL: choose a weight that allows you to go slow on the way down (this will build strength in the DL). Target 60%

– If you are doing the GHD and are not used to it do not do more than 10 reps/set even if you feel like you can!

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