Keng Lor

Olympic Lifting, Power Hour Coach
Keng Lor


  • USAW-L1


I first got into Olympic weightlifting through CrossFit in 2013. After a handful of CrossFit competitions, I quickly recognized how much joy I found in perfecting the Olympic Lifting movements: the snatch, and clean & jerk. I wanted to find a purpose to train hard again as I was formerly a three-sport athlete in high school (track, football, and wrestling). Becoming obsessed, I focused solely on my lifts and started training full time in 2014. When I started to do well in competitions, placing in the top 3 almost every time and winning a few, I found that drive again. After about 5 years of competing, and the mental exhaustion that comes from training so hard, I found another passion: coaching.

Coaching became my small way of giving back to a sport that has brought me so much joy. I’ve worked with all age groups ranging from 7 years old to 50-year-olds. Nothing makes me more excited than seeing others striving to better themselves in weightlifting. I have noticed a strong coorelation between success in weightlifting and success in life. Being a coach, to me, means that I help guide others to success and help them find the same joy that I uncovered in fitness. There’s no greater feeling.

You can frequently find me training in my garage gym! While I still practice Olympic weightlifting, I’ve found enjoyment playing basketball, running sprints, strongman activities, doing gymnastics with my kids, and (occasionally!) putting together a CrossFit workout.

When I’m not in the gym, you can find me being a full-time dad to three beautiful girls while also being the best husband I can be to my amazing wife. I love their Barbie games, cooking for them, and going on walks. I also work at HCMC in the ED attending primarily to our mentally ill population who need our love and compassion more than ever.

I’m excited for my journey at CrossFit Southpaw with all of you and hope to get to know everyone! I may appear like an introvert but please come say hello, I love chatting!

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