April 2020

Rim Felegy

Mother, Wife, Teacher, Athlete

Rim is a staple of the "Teacher Crew" who can often be found at our 5am class during the school year and either 6am or 11:30am during the Summer. She is a mother, a teacher, a wife, and an athlete. Rim is quieter than some, but what she lacks in volume sh...

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March 2020

Kern Israelson

"Come as you are. There's no judgment here. Bring your shorts, bring your gym bag, and start where you're at!"

Kern is a regular face in the evening classes at CrossFit Southpaw. From the moment he walks in the doors, he radiates an infectious positive energy and enthusiasm. Though he has always had a strong work ethic, Kern struggled to understand some of the ...

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February 2020

Noora Hussain

"You won't find a more encouraging, fun, and supportive group of people."

"I've tried a lot of different [fitness programs] but I couldn't stick with any of them. I kept feeling like I was getting bored doing the same stuff over and over again. And then I wasn't really making any progress." What changed after you started Cro...

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December 2019

Dan Stowe

"I Don't HAVE to do it, I GET to do it"

Dan Stowes success story

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself - where you grew up, what you do now, family/social life, etc. While I was originally born in Louisiana, I’ve lived in Minnesota since I was 12 so I would call myself a Minnesotan at heart.  I currently live in M...

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